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Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs, European Union and SNV Ghana, Launches a 3 million Ghana Cedis Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Support Fund.

In a ground-breakinginitiative aimed at fostering youth-driven economic growth and innovation, the Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs (GCYE) has announced the launch of a 3 million Ghana Cedis Member Contribution-Based Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Support Fund. This pioneering venture is made possible through the support of the European Union-funded SNV GrEEn project. In his opening address, the CEO of GCYE, […]


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At Baobab Entrepreneur, We realized there is a vast gap between well-established successful Entrepreneurs and the young upcoming Entrepreneurs. So Baobab Entrepreneur aims to bridge this gap. For this reason, we go the extra mile of fishing for these successful Entrepreneurs, interview and collect ideas and tips on starting and running a successful business and we then share this valuable information with a wide range of young Entrepreneurs who would otherwise not get the opportunity to meet these great successful Entrepreneurs. By so doing people also got the opportunity to showcase what they are doing.


Embracing Green: The Rising Demand for Sustainable Business Practices

In recent times, a significant shift has been witnessed in consumer preferences across the globe, resonating strongly even in places like Ghana. A notable trend is emerging where consumers are willingly opening their wallets wider to invest in greener and cleaner products and services. This shift signifies more than just a fad; it’s a powerful […]