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8 Worst Career Mistakes to Avoid.

8 Worst Career Mistakes to Avoid.

I wish and hope there are always smart people who can guide us in sharing practical tips to go through the dark tunnels of experiences in life or work. The objective is simple: we all can avoid pitfalls or mistakes. A mistake repeated is often called a “habit”

It is so unfortunate that we do not calculate the ” time & energy loss” during our habitual pitfalls and repetitive nature of not unlearning and relearning from those previous mistakes. Arrest these mistakes today, do not let them seep through.

The main issue is – we take things for granted and this is where the real problem comes. The second biggest problem is that we are never willing to unlearn and relearn.

Ask yourself – how will you evolve if you do not change for good?

Working with some amazing and successful global leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, teams, and with my own set of experiences across various functions and levels I have understood that anyone who is progressing in their careers should definitely avoid this 8 faux pas.

Successful folks listen, are willing to change, are more than willing to unlearn and relearn. That is what differentiates them from others. This is what a growth mindset is all about.

Are you looking to change yourself towards acquiring a growth mindset?

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