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A Heartwarming Recap of the TheresaNaomi Memorial Day

A Heartwarming Recap of the TheresaNaomi Memorial Day

The TheresaNaomi Foundation (TNF) recently celebrated two days of love, joy, and giving during the annual TheresaNaomi Memorial Day event on September 9th and 10th, 2023. This special occasion united individuals and organizations in support of children and orphans in our community.

Day 1 was all about spreading happiness and education. We joined the children and staff at the Choosen Children’s Centre in Darkuman, Accra, for a day filled with excitement:

  1. Fun and Games: Laughter filled the air as the children enjoyed face painting, movies, video games, and word games like scrabble.
  2. Essential Donations: TNF continued its mission of supporting education by providing books, stationary, sanitary pads, and more to empower young minds.
  3. Delicious Treats: Popcorn, drinks, pastries, and assorted goodies added sweetness to the day.

Day 2 started with a heartwarming Thanksgiving service at the Liberated Life Church, where we expressed gratitude to our partners, donors, and volunteers.

After the service, TNF extended its giving to the wider community. Donations reached the Children’s Service Department and various La neighborhoods, including Wireless, Birthday, La Market, Kojo Sardine, Stable, Palmwine, and more.

The TheresaNaomi Memorial Day reminded us of the profound impact when a community unites for a common cause. Through the generosity of donors, volunteers, and partners, TNF brought smiles, educational resources, and change to children’s lives.

As we reflect on these memorable days, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the kindness and compassion that drive our mission. Join us in our journey to make the world better—one act of love at a time.

Stay connected with us for more updates, events, and opportunities to get involved. Together, we continue to make a difference in our community and beyond. Thank you for being part of the TNF family.


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