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Ahafo Unleash Technology

Ahafo Unleash Technology

Ahafo Unleash Technology’s program is scheduled to come off in Ahafo Mim on January 3, 2022, 10am with the aim of providing young people with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to encourage Technology and entrepreneurship in Ahafo and also to identify the many I.T professionals who can contribute to Ahafo communities.

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Brief Description of Event


We did a survey and it shows that very few people in Ahafo, specifically Mim, have the Technology skills required to thrive in our modern world.

So we are organizing this free event which will include Digital and Entrepreneurship training skills that will equip participants to create their own jobs, and help prepare the unemployed youth to take a lot of jobs in the Technology space. 


At Y&S institute, we aim at creating people awareness in Technology, Digital Skills, and Entrepreneurship 

Objectives for the Unleash Technology

• The Unleash Technology seeks to provide young people with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to encourage Technology and entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings. 

• To encourage people to take up Technology and entrepreneurship as a solution to unemployment 

• To provide financial and technical support for people’s economic well-being. 

• To train young people on how the corporate world work and how initiatives have been put in place to aid people’s development. 

• It serves as an opportunity to reduce the rate of unemployment mostly in young people.

• To give the motivation to young people to participate fully in the issue of problem-solving in Society.

Opportunity Focus Area:

  •  Business Services
  •  Science and Technology
  •  Education
  •  Healthcare
  •  Agriculture

Eligibilities and Entry Requirements

The Unleash Technology will focus on initiatives that address a pressing issue or 

The problem faced by people in the Ahafo Region. The business ideas are expected to be;

 Innovative – draw upon new or improved approaches or business models

 Scalable – demonstrate growth potential and measurable user/market traction

 Sustainable – have a viable business model

 Future Ready – can use technology, skills, and business models that respond to changing times and needs

 Environmentally Aware – support the wellbeing and future of the planet

Entry Requirement

Y&S Professional institute is looking for a team of young people who are;

 Between the ages of 13- 35  people who have a strong desire to succeed in entrepreneurship  Teams members with education qualifications not less than JHS

 Innovators – able to demonstrate the application of innovation processes

 Design-thinkers – have a passion for exploring options and testing ideas with 

users at the center Ideas should be linked to the Sustainable Development 


Benefits for attendees 

The attendees of the Unleash Technology will receive:

  • A new skill to start/ grow their business 
  • A new technology 
  • Digital skill
  • Get new opportunities 
  • Network with I.T professionals  in and outside Ghana
  • Certificate  


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