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Empowering Africa’s Youth: YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023

Empowering Africa’s Youth: YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023

The much-anticipated YouthConnekt Africa Summit is back! Hosted by the Government of Kenya in collaboration with the YouthConnekt Africa Hub and UNDP, the 6th edition of the YouthConnekt Africa Summit in 2023 promises to be a transformative event. With applications now open, this summit is set to bring together a diverse group of over 20,000 young people, government officials, corporate leaders, and development champions from across the continent.

The central theme of this year’s summit is to spotlight youth leadership and innovation, with a primary focus on fostering integration throughout Africa. The event will achieve this through a combination of policy discussions, storytelling, networking, and entrepreneur-focused programs. Notable features of the summit include a marketplace for young entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations and investor meetings to help turn these ideas into reality.

If you are a youth looking to make a positive impact, a youth leader with a vision, an entrepreneur seeking opportunities, or an innovator with fresh ideas, this summit is your platform to connect, learn, and make a difference. The opportunities are vast, and the impact immeasurable.

To apply for the YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023, visit the official website: YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023 Application

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be part of a movement that aims to empower Africa’s youth and drive positive change. If you have any questions or need further details, you can contact the organizers at 0207282814.

Join the conversation, share this opportunity with your peers, and be a part of a brighter future for Africa. YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023 is where innovation meets leadership, and the future is shaped by the youth.


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