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Empowering Girls in Graphic Design: Week Five of Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project 12.0

Empowering Girls in Graphic Design: Week Five of Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project 12.0

In a significant milestone for the Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project 12.0, week five commenced with an immersive introduction to the world of graphic design. Led by the esteemed trainer, Ms. Oreo, the participants embarked on a journey to explore the art of visual communication using the versatile design tool, Canva. Through a series of engaging activities and practical exercises, these talented young women delved into the principles of design and discovered their creative potential.

The week began with Ms. Oreo enlightening the participants about the seven fundamental elements of design and the guiding principles behind the design process. With passion and expertise, she facilitated discussions that enabled the girls to discern between good and bad designs based on the concepts they had learned. This exercise cultivated their critical thinking skills and fostered a deeper understanding of effective design practices.

Eager to delve into practical applications, Ms. Oreo swiftly transitioned to teaching the participants how to navigate the Canva design tool. To demonstrate the tool’s capabilities, both Ms. Oreo and the girls collaborated on designing a business goal page. This collaborative exercise provided the budding designers with an invaluable opportunity to actively engage with Canva, honing their skills and gaining hands-on experience in creating visually appealing designs. The participants eagerly shared their creations with Ms. Oreo, who provided personalized evaluations and constructive feedback, further fueling their growth.

As the week progressed, Ms. Oreo led the class in exploring the world of moodboards, encouraging them to draw inspiration from the diverse range of designs and templates available on Canva. Through experimentation with various effects and styling edits, the young women were able to enhance the elements and designs within their moodboards, bringing their creative visions to life. Furthermore, Ms. Oreo imparted her wisdom on designing impactful logos for brands, equipping the participants with a vital skill in the realm of graphic design.

An exciting addition to the participants’ arsenal of design tools came in the form of the Smartmockups feature on Canva. With this powerful feature, the girls could now visualize how their logos would appear on a multitude of materials, including apparel and packaging. This capability holds immense value for their future client presentations, elevating the professional presentation of their designs and enhancing their chances of success in the industry.

Throughout the week, Ms. Oreo consistently emphasized her expectations for the participants’ final projects, urging them to strive for excellence. To further inspire and motivate, she showcased remarkable works from previous cohorts, highlighting the immense potential and possibilities that await these talented young women. The participants, fueled by their newfound knowledge and Ms. Oreo’s guidance, eagerly embraced the challenge and set their sights on creating extraordinary final projects.

As the week drew to a close, the participants were treated to a thrilling drone technology workshop in collaboration with Ghana Flying Labs. This workshop provided a glimpse into the fascinating world of aerial technology, expanding the girls’ horizons and exposing them to the cutting-edge innovations in the field. Through this immersive experience, they gained invaluable insights into the practical applications of drones and the vast opportunities that await them beyond the realm of graphic design.

Week five of the Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project 12.0 left an indelible mark on the participants, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to pursue their dreams in graphic design. With their newfound expertise in Canva, a deeper understanding of design principles, and exposure to drone technology, these remarkable young women are well on their way to becoming the future trailblazers of the industry. The Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project continues to empower and uplift girls, fostering their passion for technology and creativity, and paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive


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