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Ghana Hubs Network and GIZ-project Make-IT in Africa partner to Support Innovation Hubs and Startups in Ghana

Ghana Hubs Network and GIZ-project Make-IT in Africa partner to Support Innovation Hubs and Startups in Ghana

Ghana Hubs Network with support from Make-IT in Africa, a programme implemented by Deutsche
Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal
Ministry of Economic Corporation and Development (BMZ) announced its 2022 plan to support
innovation Hubs and Startups in Ghana.
The Programme dubbed ‘Digitalization and Hubs Capacity Strengthening Programme’ has been
initiated to help strengthen member hubs in its network to improve the sustainability of hubs and increase
the percentage of successful and investment-ready start-ups in the country.
The programme will be focused on three main areas: Database Development, Hubs Capacity
Building and Talent Exchange. A move to bridge the gap in developing digitally enabled systems for
data gathering, analysis and evidenced-based decision making and enhancing the capacity of
innovation hubs to deliver on their business and service models.

Expectedly, the benefits are many-fold which include influencing policy with evidence, increased
investments for startups due to consistencies on services, products model deliveries opportunities
and support services from a mix of the private sector, academia and government sectors through
technical expertise and funding support from GIZ.
This project will build upon past flagship projects implemented by the network in collaboration with
various ecosystem actors. The “25 days of Wow project” in 2019 brought together about 32 hubs for
a cross-regional tour to engage entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in co-creating a National
Entrepreneurship Policy. This has been followed up with The Hub Resiliency project which helped
selected hubs to identify their key competencies & explore models for local business solutions. The
programme which was implemented in collaboration with Ashesi University also served as a Covid19 relief activity for hubs in Ghana.
With so much potential residing with local hubs in communities, the network is implementing the
Digitalization and Hubs Capacity Strengthening Programme as a hub-centric approach to amplifying
the work of its member hubs to achieve higher standards of service delivery.
About Ghana Hubs Network
Ghana Hubs Network consists of innovation hubs in Ghana collaborating to build on shared ideas
and resources across Ghana. GHN leverages an extensive and diverse network to provide
supportive services to the stakeholder communities of entrepreneurs, innovation hubs, development
partners, and government, facilitating access to cross-cutting skills including digital technologies and
technology entrepreneurship in the process. Additionally, GHN engages government and
development partners in creating an enabling environment for the enhancement of the innovation
ecosystem. More information: https://www.ghanahubsnetwork.com/
About Make-IT in Africa
Make-IT in Africa believes in the catalytic power of African innovation and digital technologies for
green and inclusive development. In close collaboration with digital visionaries like start-ups,
innovation enablers and political partners, the project empowers African innovation ecosystems.
Together, an environment in which the full potential of African digital innovation can unfold is
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH implements this project on
behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
More information: make-it.Africa
MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy
Board member and Communications Directors
Ghana Hubs Network


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