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GrassRoots Hub to Host Sunyani West Startup Summit 2022

GrassRoots Hub to Host Sunyani West Startup Summit 2022

GrassRoots Hub, an innovation hub based in Sunyani, Bono region of Ghana, in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab, under the Pathways to Sustainable Employment Program will host a Local Startup Summit called the ‘Sunyani West Startup Summit 2022’. The summit will come off on 13th January 2022 at the conference Hall of GrassRoots Hub in Sunyani behind the GNAT Hall, Baakoniaba.

The much-anticipated event comes under the theme: ‘Mobile Application for Sustainable Business Development and Job Creation in Sunyani’. The primary focus is hinged on bringing together key stakeholders including; entrepreneurs, government agencies like Ghana Entrepreneur Agency (GYA), Youth Entrepreneur Agency (YEA), Banks, Media houses, and other relevant actors within the Tech and Digital industry of the Bono region. It is expected that more than 25 startups and 28 investors will be in attendance.

GrassRoots Hub has been an innovation hub that nurtures and molds business ideas into viable ones, thrives hugely on the tenets of youth empowerment. Empowering young entrepreneurs forms an integral part of our operations, rightly so, hundreds of youth across the Bono region have benefited immensely from us in this regard.

The Sunyani West startup Summit forms a significant part of the PASE Programme designed to give a cutting edge to the 6-week intensive Mobile App Development training, which commenced on 15th November 2021.

The trainees who participated in the 6-week mobile app development training have been put in groups. Each group will have the opportunity to pitch at the summit, for which they will proceed to the incubation phase of the programme to further develop their ideas into viable businesses whilst the others proceed unto the internship or employability phase of the programme with a monthly allowance to support them as they ideate into scalable startups and successful employees respectively

Explaining the rationale behind the summit, Miss Christabel Andoh, Business and Development lead of GrassRoots Hub, said unemployment is the biggest challenge the country is grappling with. In her view, the only way to curb the phenomenon is to encourage young people to go into entrepreneurship. She, however, remained hopeful about the impact of the program in scaling up local entrepreneurs.


Contact: Robert Kwasi Oppong

Email: communications@grassrootshubgh.net

Tel: 0245750416


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