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Ghana’s youth are organizing a local hackathon for sustainability

Ghana’s youth are organizing a local hackathon for sustainability

UNLEASH is a global innovation lab for the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The lab gathers talented youth to solve some of our
world’s most critical challenges. The first UNLEASH Hacks were held around the world in
2020 to develop SDG solutions to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. In 2021, Hacks were… This
year UNLEASH Hacks are being led by 36 UNLEASH Ambassadors to develop solutions for
their local communities. One of them will be hosted today in Ghana and will focus on SDGs 2,
8 and other SDGs through the lens of Agriculture

During the Hacks, participants go through an immersive innovation process facilitated by
UNLEASH-trained facilitators collaborate on solutions that solve important challenges in
their local communities. They will be learning from experts and members of their community
to ensure the novel ideas are truly fit for the people most in need.
“Ghana is faced with more than 50% underemployment. Agriculture employs over 40% of the
population, but average farm productivity remains low. Entrepreneurship and Technology
Innovations across food sectors can generate employment and growth. The UNLEASH Ghana
Hack focuses on addressing not only hunger but also poverty; water and energy use; climate
change; and unsustainable production and consumption.” said Jackson Nyarko who is part of
the organizing team.
The organizing team consists of people who have been locally sourced by UNLEASH
Ambassadors who have been trained to understand the UNLEASH methodology. The
organizing Team are from GrassRoots Hub, GADeF International, Africa ICT Rights, EcoCare,
Women in Arts, Tourism and Hospitality(WATHS) Hub, TechFarm Hub, SunCity Hub and
Phinklife Institute.
With COVID-19 still affecting all parts of the world, the collaborative power of young Ghana
talents are hopefully going to drive new initiatives that will positively affect many aspects of
Photos from previous UNLEASH events can be found here: www.unleash.org/media-kit
Learn more at https://unleash.org

Source Emmanuel Marfo, unleashhacksghana@gmail.com/0200592979


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