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Have You Become Hopeless to Find a Job?

Have You Become Hopeless to Find a Job?

JOBS have become scarcer in Ghana, in Africa, and worldwide, it is ever more difficult to find work in this great pandemic, COVID-19. Many are searching desperately for employment. Yes, a few jobs in place to are vanishing.

Someone who sat close to me in public transport (trotro) lamented: “I have five years of sales experience… I have applied with five different employment agencies, which has resulted in nothing. I have watched the paper daily (daily graphic), I have applied online several times. Yet, am back to zero. As a result, people are giving up hope to find a job.

There Is No More “Dream Career” Job in This System

Of course, it is not wrong to seek the kind of job you find interesting in your field. But truth must be told; it is difficult to find such work. Other work that you can do is usually available; you may need only to adjust your thinking. The experience of a senior friend who worked in one of the five-star hotels in Accra as an I.T Manager shows the fine effect that accepting any work can have.

This man had worked for a five-star hotel somewhere at Legon-Accra for fifteen years, he was dismissed before the COVID-19 pandemic started. For weeks he tried to find a job in the same field, but without success. Then he faced a reality, so he began to look elsewhere for work.

A friend offered him a job in the painting and decorating field, and he accepted. In this job, he must pay for his own insurance, vacations, no fixed salary, and so forth, but he feels more than compensated. Now he arranges his own work schedule and has more time to care for other responsibilities that are important in his life. Also, he feels better because of the physical activity involved in his job.

What is this man’s advice to those who face unemployment? Not to hesitate to go into another field of work, even though it can be considered menial by the standards of some people.

Truth on the ground is, the time is gone when many people would have to look down on a job if a person gets his “hands dirty.” Nowadays, dirty work pays more than much office work. “People just don’t want hard manual jobs such as mason.” But when we get used to physical work, it can often contribute to improving our health.

Of course, pride may cause some people to view certain occupations as below their dignity. Particularly, when jobs are scarce it is wise to analyze what we might be able to offer that others need and will pay for.

 Time for Readjustment

If you are one of the millions who have lost their jobs, make adjustments. Cut down your budget immediately; do not assume that you will be back at regular work soon.

If you are an unemployed graduate searching for a job, a caution: Some people would tell you to “follow your dreams” when it comes to a career. But looking for your ‘dream career’ likely will narrow your options for work and blind you to employment opportunities that are right in front of you! Rather than waste time focusing on a particular type of work, keep your options open. Remember, more important than what you do is becoming proficient at what you do. In fact, it has been observed that the more experience and skill workers acquire, the more they enjoy their work.

Finally, resolve your unemployment problem in a unique way by providing services others may need in your neighborhood. In this critical system, you don’t have to do what you love in order to love what you do!

Michael Djan

Baobab Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer @ frencheducationgh.com


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