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Igniting Innovation and Collaboration: AfriConEU Bootcamp Lands in Kumasi’s hapaSpace

Igniting Innovation and Collaboration: AfriConEU Bootcamp Lands in Kumasi’s hapaSpace

Heralding an exciting opportunity for innovation and collaboration, hapaSpace proudly announces the arrival of the AfriConEU Bootcamp in Kumasi. This groundbreaking event, part of the EU Horizon 2020 project, promises to be a transformative platform where creative minds from Africa and Europe converge to exchange ideas, insights, and expertise. Set against the backdrop of the “Digital Horizons: Unleashing Africa’s Potential” theme, the bootcamp aims to foster cross-border partnerships, explore new horizons, and celebrate success stories that transcend boundaries.

Diverse Participation and Collaborative Environment:

The AfriConEU Bootcamp will witness the convergence of Digital Innovation Hubs from across continents, including Portugal, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Uganda, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, and the host nation, Ghana. This diverse blend of perspectives is expected to birth innovative ideas, cross-cultural collaborations, and enduring partnerships that resonate beyond the event.

Agenda Unveiled:

Day 1 – Igniting Cross-Border Growth and Investment:

The bootcamp kicks off with a captivating panel discussion, “Building a Thriving African Startup Ecosystem: Leveraging the AfCFTA for Cross-Border Growth and Investment.” This session promises to delve deep into strategies for startups to scale into African and European markets while securing essential funding for sustainable growth.

Day 2 – Sharing Knowledge and Insights:

Dedicated to knowledge-sharing and inspiration, Day 2 features sessions that explore the pivotal role of digital solutions in attracting investments to African startups. Attendees can expect insights from the triumphs of startups that have conquered international markets, alongside strategies for crafting effective go-to-market plans and measuring impact and success.

Day 3 – The Pitch to Investors:

The grand finale of the bootcamp is an exhilarating pitching event. Startups receive specialized support to refine their pitches, presenting their groundbreaking ideas to potential investors. Adding a touch of expertise, Benjamin Apiah Opoku (Ghana) and Rebecca Sharlort Abdallah (Tanzania), esteemed investors, are slated to serve as jury members for the pitching competition on this exciting day.

Community Engagement and Registration:

As a testament to its commitment to fostering dynamic learning, hapaSpace provides promotional materials to encourage community engagement. Interested individuals are invited to register here embracing the opportunity to be a part of this transformative event.

Event Details:

Date: 19th to 21st September 2023
Location: hapaSpace, Ridge-Danyame, Kumasi

Register here

The AfriConEU Bootcamp transcends the status of a mere event; it’s a catalyst for growth, a hub for innovation, and a forge for lasting collaborations. The hapaSpace team eagerly anticipates the active participation of attendees, aiming to collectively unlock new opportunities, catalyze innovation, and establish enduring connections. For any inquiries or additional information, the hapaSpace team welcomes outreach, eager to contribute to the success of this remarkable event.


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