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Kumasi Hive signs a partnership deal with Baobab Entrepreneur

Kumasi Hive signs a partnership deal with Baobab Entrepreneur

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes. These give you access to a wider range of expertise for different parts of your business. To extend entrepreneurship opportunities to the world, Kumasi Hive has signed a new partnership deal with Baobab Entrepreneur on November 30. The fresh deal is to help bridge the gap of employment and train interested participants with new skills.

Kumasi Hive is an Innovation hub located in Kumasi, Ghana. Kumasi Hive exists to support entrepreneurs and innovators of all types, particularly to encourage social impact businesses to develop innovative physical products and processing methods. Also provide access to the local entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem including access to government, relevant industry players, start-up/businesses, CSOs, and other stakeholders.

The Hive focuses on bridging the existing Digital and tech skills gap in the African digital entrepreneurship ecosystem and seeks to address it through integrated innovation. As the world enters into the 4th Industry age, there is a shift from traditional jobs to digital and tech skills-based jobs, Kumasi Hive is therefore committed to helping build the future work with skills in emerging technologies and create jobs and solutions through accelerated adoption of these emerging technologies

We incubate selected promising hardware tech startups through our Hardware incubator and maker space, helping them move from the idea stage through prototyping to the product-for-market stage with both technical and business development support.

Know more about Baobab Entrepreneur

At Baobab Entrepreneur, We realized there is a vast gap between well-established successful Entrepreneurs and the young upcoming Entrepreneurs. So Baobab Entrepreneur aims to bridge this gap. For this reason, we go the extra mile of fishing for these successful Entrepreneurs, interview and collect ideas and tips on starting and running a successful business and we then share this valuable information with a wide range of young Entrepreneurs who would otherwise not get the opportunity to meet these great successful Entrepreneurs. By doing so people also get the opportunity to showcase what they are doing.

Baobab entrepreneurs also leverage social media platforms to promote Entrepreneur visibility and Entrepreneurial events on social media and Educate, Motivate and Encourage visitors on how to grow their businesses.

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 As a peaceful partnership deal has been signed, Kumasi Hive and Baobab Entrepreneur urge Youth and middle-aged to take Entrepreneurship opportunities that may come out without looking at its disadvantages.

Baobab Entrepreneur is looking forward to more partnership deal from any organization that wants to partner with them

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Baobab Entrepreneur

She is adventurous, creative, and adaptive. She is studying BA Communication in Journalism


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