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NTF V Call for Applications for Tech Start-ups in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Uganda

NTF V Call for Applications for Tech Start-ups in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Uganda

Tech startups are poised to disrupt the tech world as you know it by bringing new ideas or Innovations and user experiences. In essence, technology is extremely important to business operations due to its increased success rates of obtaining results. Since startups are growing, competition between them is also increasing and leading to the creation of jobs and decreasing unemployment rate in the country. 

NTF V is calling out for applicants to be trained. The Netherlands Trust Fund V (NTF V) program is based on a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the UN International Trade Centre (ITC) and will run till June 2025. The program deadline for the mentioned countries include;

Ghana – 7 February 2022 midnight

Ethiopia – 14 February 2022 midnight

Uganda – TBC.

The program supports the digital technologies and agribusiness sector in Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, and the digital technologies sector in Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Uganda. Activities for tech start-ups will focus on equipping them with (individual) business coaching, investment readiness, internalization support, digital marketing strategies, attendance at (inter)national tech events, linkages to international business and investment opportunities, and more.

The project will support 30 start-ups in each country. The selected start-ups will be segmented based on their level of maturity and will benefit from the following services according to their categorization:

1. Growth Stage: post-revenue, targeting .new markets, new products

2. Entrepreneurship Stage: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) confirmed, customer acquisition and retention ongoing

A start-up can move from Entrepreneurship to Growth during the program. Below the introduction, the section is explained what each group will receive in terms of support.


As an eligible tech start-up, you have to: 

Use digital technology as a core enabling factor (e-commerce is included) 

➔ Be for-profit – but you can also have a social impact – mention it in your application! 

➔ Have built a minimum viable product*, which has ideally generated some sales even if only a limited amount

➔ Be established in Ethiopia, Ghana or Uganda

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product with basic features, but enough to get the attention of the consumer and to provide a feedback loop to guide future development.

The public is encouraged to apply to be trained by NTF V and embrace better opportunities underway. Kindly contact the following details to register now!

Isaac Newton Acquah the National Project Coordinator for the NTF V projectstrongly encourages companies to join

” looking at the success the last project had in various regions from companies starting with 3 people and then scaling to 58 staff I am sure companies that join will have unprecedented growth rates. And one big aspect is on internationalizing the start ups so I won’t be surprised that they open offices in multiple countries

Tech start-ups: https://lnkd.in/dZgYnnMK

IT & Business Process Outsourcing Companies: https://lnkd.in/dAK9U6N9

Source: Isaac Newton 


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