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OBC Launching and Fundraising Gala: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Collaboration in Ghana

OBC Launching and Fundraising Gala: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Collaboration in Ghana

WAN-Hive Ghana is proud to announce that the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako, will be delivering the keynote speech at the Launching and Fundraising Gala of the Obaasima Business Challenge (OBC), Cohort 3. This highly anticipated event aims to bring together stakeholders from both the private and public sectors who are dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ghana. Organized by WAN-Hive Ghana, the gala will provide a platform for strategic networking, economic cooperation, and delightful entertainment. The event is scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 25, 2023, at the Ideas Hotel, starting at 4pm.

Building an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

In recent years, Ghana has witnessed a surge in entrepreneurial activities, fueled by a growing recognition of the vital role entrepreneurship plays in economic development. The OBC Launching and Fundraising Gala exemplify the collaborative efforts aimed at fostering a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. By bringing together key stakeholders from the private and public sectors, the event seeks to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to thrive.

Keynote Speech by Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako

As the Vice Chancellor of UENR, Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the OBC Gala. His keynote speech is expected to provide valuable insights into the importance of entrepreneurship in the context of energy and natural resources, areas in which UENR specializes. Prof. Asare-Bediako’s address will likely touch upon the significance of entrepreneurship in driving innovation, sustainable development, and job creation. His expertise and leadership in the field make him a highly anticipated speaker for this occasion.

Supporting Obaasima Business Challenge

The Obaasima Business Challenge, known as OBC, is a flagship initiative that empowers women entrepreneurs in Ghana. It is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by women in business and provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship to succeed. The OBC Gala serves as a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of the participants in Cohort 3 and raise funds to support the program’s future endeavors.

Networking and Economic Cooperation

In addition to its fundraising aspect, the OBC Gala offers attendees an opportunity for strategic networking and economic cooperation. By bringing together representatives from various sectors, including government, academia, industry, and the nonprofit sector, the event creates a conducive environment for collaborations and partnerships. Such collaborations can lead to the exchange of ideas, sharing of resources, and the formation of mutually beneficial relationships, all of which contribute to the growth and sustainability of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ghana.

Entertainment and Enthusiasm

WAN-Hive Ghana, the organizing body behind the OBC Gala, understands the importance of combining business with entertainment. The event promises an evening of great entertainment, providing attendees with a chance to unwind, relax, and enjoy themselves. By infusing an element of fun and excitement into the gala, WAN-Hive Ghana aims to create a vibrant atmosphere that encourages interaction, engagement, and a sense of community among participants.

The OBC Launching and Fundraising Gala represents a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to foster entrepreneurship and collaboration in Ghana. With Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako delivering the keynote speech, the event promises valuable insights and inspiration for all attendees. The gala’s focus on strategic networking, economic cooperation, and entertainment highlights the holistic approach required to nurture and sustain a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem. By attending the event, stakeholders from the private and public sectors can contribute to the advancement of entrepreneurship in Ghana and support the empowerment of women entrepreneurs through the OBC initiative.


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