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Petra Aba Asamoah and Amma Serwaa Frimpong speak at KPSTC ’22 Week 2

Petra Aba Asamoah and Amma Serwaa Frimpong speak at KPSTC ’22 Week 2

Marketing Practitioner and bestselling author, Petra Aba Asamoah, last Saturday, trained participants of this year’s KasaNufo Public Speaking Training and Contest.

Speaking on the topic “Know Your Audience; A Customer-Centric Approach to Public Speaking”, Petra intoned that Public Speaking is a required skill for all who aspire to be leaders. She stressed that before writing speeches, speakers should first ask the question, “Who is my audience?”. 

“Don’t think about yourself first, don’t think about what you want to say. Think about who your audience is before you develop your speech”.

On her part, speaker trainer and global speaker, Amma Serwaa Frimpong also took the trainees through, “The ABCs of Delivering a Compelling Speech”, focusing on how to open and close a speech such that the audience would still remember the introduction and conclusion. 

She emphasized that one should only use jokes when they are confident in themselves that they are funny lest they botch the beginning of the speech.

The training continues this Saturday, featuring Counseling Psychologist and 2020 Winner of the Kasanufo Contest, Nunya Apetsi, who will take the trainees through Typology & Psychology of Public Speaking.

This fourth edition of Kasanufo  Public Speaking Training and Contest is powered by EKM Communications Consulting with support from YMCA Ghana, Cheezzy Pizza, Benbi Hampers, Institute of Digital Marketing Communication, Ntem SMS, Els Dessert Bar, GIJ-SRC, and Avance Media with media partnership from Asaase Radio, GhanaWeb, Sintim Media, Radio Univers, eanews24, Elikem Diaries, Infinity Pictures, Ama Sojay Photography, Optimum Lens, Blackcapture and ben news.


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