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Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs, European Union and SNV Ghana, Launches a 3 million Ghana Cedis Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Support Fund.

In a ground-breakinginitiative aimed at fostering youth-driven economic growth and innovation, the Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs (GCYE) has announced the launch of a 3 million Ghana Cedis Member Contribution-Based Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Support Fund. This pioneering venture is made possible through the support of the European Union-funded SNV GrEEn project. In his opening address, the CEO of GCYE, […]

Bono Regional Minister lauds WAN-Hive Ghana at the Obasimaa Business Challenge Grand finale and Pitch event 2023

On Friday, September 1, 2023, the grand finale of the Obasimaa Business Challenge (OBC) was held in Sunyani, Bono Region. The event, organized by WAN-Hive Ghana, marked the culmination of a series of bootcamps, mentorship, and training programs aimed at empowering female startups and entrepreneurs. The OBC final pitch event brought together traditional leaders, relevant […]

SME Financial Empowerment: An Imperative for Business Resilience

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Ghanaian economy, accounting for over 90% of businesses in the country. However, SMEs are also disproportionately affected by financial shocks, such as economic recessions and natural disasters. This is why financial empowerment is essential for SME resilience. Financial empowerment refers to the ability of SMEs […]

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Obaasima Business Challenge-Cohort 3 Enhances Startup Capacity

This initiative is part of a six-month capacity-building training aimed at nurturing and propelling women-led startups. During the mentorship phase, startups had the unique opportunity to engage with seasoned industry experts who provided invaluable insights and guidance. These interactions played a crucial role in shaping the startups’ mindset and equipping them with the tools necessary […]

Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs, European Union and SNV Ghana, Launches a 3 million Ghana Cedis Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Support Fund.

CALL FOR APPLICATION: Shape the Future of Agribusiness – Become a Trainer at GIZ-MOVE Rice Miller Business Academy!

Are you a seasoned professional with expertise in practical marketing for rice milling, the intricate nuances of the rice milling business, indispensable financial knowledge for the industry, profitable farmer service development, economics, or agribusiness in West Africa? If your experience aligns with any of these domains, seize the opportunity to become a trainer at the […]

AfriConEU: Championing Innovation and Collaboration Across Africa and Europe

We are excited to announce our recent strides in driving the digital innovation landscape across Africa and Europe. Through an array of impactful activities, including hybrid workshops, online webinars, enriching masterclasses, and influential policy roundtables, AfriConEU has been instrumental in nurturing collaboration and growth. As the AfriConEU Networking Academy concludes, this press release sheds light on AfriConEU’s key activities […]

WAN-Hive Ghana Launches the Women in Business Accelerator (WiBA) Program in partnership with NEIP

On August 18, 2023 WAN-HIVE GHANA, a leading women innovation Hub launched its maiden Women in Business Accelerator (WiBA) program in partnership with the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program with support from World Bank and Ministry of Finance, Ghana. The event, held on Friday, saw over 100 attendees, including 25 promising startups that have been […]

Embracing Green: The Rising Demand for Sustainable Business Practices

In recent times, a significant shift has been witnessed in consumer preferences across the globe, resonating strongly even in places like Ghana. A notable trend is emerging where consumers are willingly opening their wallets wider to invest in greener and cleaner products and services. This shift signifies more than just a fad; it’s a powerful […]

Building a Sustainable Future: The Green Economy’s Promise

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs: NEIP’s Call for Applications in the Economic Enclaves Project”

NEIP (National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme) has announced an exciting opportunity for eligible young individuals interested in venturing into the rice industry. The organization is inviting applications for its Economic Enclaves Project, which aims to support aspiring entrepreneurs in owning rice farms or businesses related to the rice value chain within an enclave. This article […]

Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs, European Union and SNV Ghana, Launches a 3 million Ghana Cedis Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Support Fund.

The Vault Accelerator: Unlocking Opportunities for Startups to Scale

For startups aiming to take their businesses to the next level, access to mentors, capital, resources, and networking opportunities is crucial. Recognizing this need, The Vault Accelerator has emerged as a program specifically designed to empower startups with traction, providing them with the necessary support to scale their operations. Backed by the NEIP Hub Acceleration […]