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The Risk of living in your comfort zone

The Risk of living in your comfort zone


Are you enjoying yourself in your comfort zone? Are you content with where you are? If not, then you need an external force to push you out and break your shield.

I found nothing in life worthwhile unless you take risks, There is no passion to be found by playing small and settling for a life that’s less than the one you are capable of living.

From a street girl to a Broadcast Journalist and entrepreneur did not just happen out of the blue, a lot of risky actions and efforts went into it.

Imagine how a busy mom like me is able to run advocacy, manage business whiles schooling, and working as a full-time Broadcast journalist.

credit Asiedu

Now tell me why you can’t also add a side hustle to your work, what has been the challenge? Is it fear, lack of confidence, or fear of mockery?

Or is it that you are just comfortable with where you are now? Just in case you don’t know, never be ashamed of your hustle for anyone will feed you when you go hungry.

Swag on, get your shoulders high and walk majestically in confidence to sell your business, do not feel ashamed of your hustle for your success will one day glorify you in the midst of all those who mocked you whiles you were hustling.

NB: There is no success without hustle.No matter what, never give up on your dream.

Start a new vision. Yes take a risk, you can do it

#HustlingIsBae #EntrepreneurshipEmpowerment#YesWeCan

Asiedu Francisca(Mama Aphrika)


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