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GhanaThink networks youth interested in Ghana through the Virtual Barcamp Ghana

GhanaThink networks youth interested in Ghana through the Virtual Barcamp Ghana

GhanaThink Foundation is a social enterprise that mobilizes and organizes talent for the primary benefit of Ghana. The GhanaThink Foundation is registered in Ghana and the USA. Their vision is to build a critical mass of patriotic, passionate, positive, proactive, progressive, and productive young Ghanaian people. They work in the youth empowerment space and they run mentoring, networking, volunteering, and training programs. 

GhanaThink is bringing you the Barcamp experience with the Virtual Barcamp Ghana 2021 and ahead of the Virtual Barcamp Ghana event below is a press release.


GhanaThink networks youth interested in Ghana through the Virtual Barcamp Ghana
Virtual BarCamp Ghana 2021 is a free networking forum remotely bringing people together for a day of learning, sharing, networking, and mentoring.  It is happening via Zoom on December 11 from 9:30 am-1 pm GMT. The partners include CowTribe, ExpressPay, WearGhana, hapaWeb, Leti Arts, DigiExt, Handy Tradie, etc. This BarCamp is organized primarily by the GhanaThink Foundation, an organization based both in Ghana and the USA, which has successfully organized 111 BarCamps in Ghana.  Virtual BarCamp Ghana 2021 aims at creating a platform for young people to share ideas on how to identify, clarify and understand their various Ghanian Dreams and opportunities.

Leonard Hagan participated in his first Barcamp in 2011 in Accra. He joined the Barcamp Tema team in 2012. He stated: “Virtual Barcamp isn’t here to replace our traditional Barcamp event but as a channel to reach changemakers, thinkers and doers nationwide or around the world while we contribute to effecting the COVID-19 protocols to reduce or help eradicate the Corona Virus in our world today. We are going to have very insightful and knowledgeable mentors and participants joining to broaden our understanding in matters around us, in Ghana and beyond”.  The longtime logistics lead for Barcamp Ghana for many years added: “I expect nothing but the best”

The theme for this is#GhanaianDream – as part of a GhanaThink campaign to collate individuals’ Ghanaian dreams to come up with Ghanaian dreams on a national level, as well as regional, municipal, metropolitan and community-based. We ran some #GhanaianDream breakout sessions in 2018 at the various Barcamps around Ghana. This campaign is in conjunction with Moxie Marketing Group and it is being driven by the wider GhanaThink network, etc. This campaign is in line with our desire to deepen the conversation around nationalism, the consciousness of the youth in national development; and networking, discussing what we want for Ghana, etc. This campaign will deepen engagement with Ghanaian communities on the future they perceive for the country, and how they can contribute toward attaining that.

Irene Ali Dery started participating in Barcamps years ago in Tamale and Kumasi before joining the Barcamp Kumasi team as the resources lead. She is currently the resources lead for Barcamp Ghana. She stated: “In recent times, it appears that the socio-economic policies in Ghana are not aimed at making our businesses thrive. The Standard of living is extremely high and many young people are losing touch with their sense of patriotism. How can we be the change we seek in our leaders, how do we leverage on our social capital to make our lives better and how can we individually ensure that our Ghanaian dreams materialize?” She is part of the solution and added: “The Barcamp Ghana Team within the GhanaThink Foundation, together with seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals, will have conversations aimed at making Ghana better and prosperous. Join us at 9:30 am on 11 December via Zoom

Some of the confirmed mentors have been featured on Barcamp Ghana’s Facebook page, we are expecting more than 23 mentors. Our partners are running breakout sessions like How to Drive Inclusion through Reliable Local Content by kasahorow & Anokwale team; Import substitution with digitalization and mechanization by DigiExt; Building great customer experiences by expresspay; The Winning Strategy – intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship by HandyTradie – We Fix It; Fundamental game design and how to merge pop culture with local culture by Shaan Mishra of Leti Arts, etc.

Register for the Barcamp via https://virtualbarcamp.eventbrite.com. Contact us via barcamp at ghanathink dot org for partnership opportunities. Stay tuned to #barcampghana on social media for more updates. Join us to move Ghana forward. Stay tuned via our social media. Twitter | Facebook

Ato Ulzen-Appiah



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