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Wan Hive Obaasima Challenge set to come off February 2022

Wan Hive Obaasima Challenge set to come off  February 2022

Women entrepreneurship can bring a lot of diversity to the business world. As women gain more power and influence in the world of business, a big improvement of Innovation and fresh ideas starts to unleash down to our societies and slopes down to our various families.

To every woman who has business ideas and needs support to grow and sustain them. I say this is your time to shine!!

WAn-Hive Ghana is here with many business opportunities from the second edition of its business challenge for young women between the ages of 15 and 35.

This business challenge initiative is under the supervision of Wan-Hive Ghana.

WAn-Hive Ghana is an impact-oriented innovation space for sustainable mentorship and education of young women to take an active part in leadership, entrepreneur, and social development.

The upcoming business aims to equip young and motivated women in the Bono Ahafo region with tailored business advisory support, equipment, and Capita to start and grow their business.

This initiative is also set to reduce unemployment and famine within the female Youth. 

Don’t forget that this challenge comes off from February 2022 to April 2022.

To register kindly click here link

Let all grab and anticipate the launch of these impactful challenges and get ready to apply in early February.

For information 

0204693238/ janstissifa@wanghana.org

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