Yayah Sarkodie – Digital Strategist & IT Expert

Contact Information:

Phone: +233247171764
Email: yayasark@gmail.com

Postal Address: P.O. Box 92, MIM B/A. Ghana
Professional Summary:

Yayah Sarkodie is a seasoned Digital Strategist and IT Expert with a strong track record of developing and implementing innovative solutions in the digital landscape. With a deep-rooted passion for technology, Yayah combines an extensive technical skill set with a creative flair for content creation, making a significant impact in the realms of digital marketing and information technology.

Key Skills:

Digital Marketing: Proficient in designing and executing data-driven digital marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and achieve conversion goals.

Content Creation: Adept at crafting compelling multimedia content, including text, images, videos, and graphics, to engage and captivate audiences.

Data Analysis: Skilled in using analytical tools to interpret complex data, track KPIs, and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

Technical Expertise: Highly experienced in database systems, programming languages, content management systems, and various software applications.

Videography & Photography: Proficient in video shooting, directing, and editing, adding a creative dimension to digital strategies.

Communication: Strong communication skills, facilitating the conveyance of technical information to non-technical colleagues and clients.

Problem-Solving: Proven ability to troubleshoot IT issues and ensure efficient business operations.

Yayah’s dynamic career has encompassed diverse roles and responsibilities, ranging from Application Support Specialist to IT Development Officer, revealing a capacity to adapt to various challenges and environments. A recognized leader in the IT field, Yayah has made significant contributions to the organizations they’ve served, steering them toward technological excellence.

A graduate of the University of Cape Coast with a BSc in Information Technology, Yayah’s educational background is complemented by a rich extracurricular history, including participation in prominent tech-related programs and conferences. Their drive for personal development is evident through memberships in various IT organizations and leadership roles in university tech communities.

Yayah Sarkodie is a professional poised to leverage their extensive expertise and enthusiasm for technology to drive digital success for organizations, and their commitment to adapt to emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions is a testament to their dedication to progress.

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