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Barcamp Cape Coast: Networking and Mentoring for Youth

Barcamp Cape Coast: Networking and Mentoring for Youth

Barcamp Cape Coast 2024 happened on Saturday, March 9th, 2024, at the Superannuation Conference Room in UCC. This free networking forum was organized by the GhanaThink Foundation, targeting youth between the ages of 18 and 35 in and around Cape Coast. Over 250 participants learned, shared, networked and got mentored, including students from 3 universities [UCC, CCTU, & Nduom School of Business]. 

The program was themed “Culture, Finance, and Quality.” It spanned from 9am to 3pm with a variety of activities such as speed networking, speed mentoring, and breakout sessions, which provided an avenue for young people to network and connect with experts from diverse backgrounds.

The Konnect Kouch featured Ekow Simpson from Cape 360 and Dorinda Egyirba Armstrong from Asaase Radio, with the discussion led by Ato Ulzen-Appiah. The atmosphere was intense as participants attentively absorbed insights into pressing matters affecting youth and the local community, particularly centered around culture, tourism, and media. Though attendees seized the opportunity to pose questions, the session concluded all too quickly. However, it left a lasting impact, with key takeaways prompting deep reflection as participants departed.

This free event saw partners such as Clean Air Fund, BeSocial, Code Coast, Prinnco Construction, Obaapa Beads, & Torchlight Tours. They were at the heart of the breakout session at the Barcamp. These sessions were as follows: Culture and Tourism by Coconut Grove Beach Resort–  25, #CleanAirGhana by Clean Air Fund – 39, Digital Skills by Komseko (a GhanaThink program) – 47, The creator economy and monetization opportunities by Be Social -73.

“It was great to see a lot of students from the Nduom School Business & Technology as well as Cape Coast Technical University. We had our first ever professional footballer mentor at a Barcamp in Ghana – Rashid Sumaila. We want to see more professionals who are not in white-collar jobs participate in Barcamps” – Ato Ulzen-Appiah, the Director of GhanaThink. 

Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare, the #bccapecoast Logistics Lead stated “Barcamp Cape Coast was a truly great experience. From the networking session to the speed mentoring and group discussions on interesting yet pertinent issues, I wish Barcamp would take place every month. It is the one event you spend the most of your day, and you return home energized with new ideas to implement. Meeting both the young and the old, there is always enough gold to pick up, carry back home, and transform into wealth. 

She added this about her experience and journey. “I am also honored to be one of the incredible volunteers who bring this event to life annually. Volunteering with the GhanaThink Foundation has helped transform me into a better leader. Like the foundation’s philosophy, I now speak less and act more. Fingers crossed, next year’s Barcamp Cape Coast will be bigger and better, and I don’t intend to miss it. You shouldn’t miss it as well!”

Emmanuel Billa, the #bccapecoast resources lead remarked, “The journey from planning to execution has been exhilarating, and the feedback from participants has met our expectations. Witnessing accomplished individuals from various fields generously offer their time to mentor participants in their personal and professional endeavors during the speed mentorship session is truly remarkable. Observing participants eager to interact with Resource persons even after the session had ended inspires me to continue serving. I feel fulfilled to have contributed to making this happen.”

“It’s always pure joy to see the smiles on the faces of both mentors and mentees after Barcamp Cape Coast. Majority of the participants always say it’s different from the seminars and youth events they attend and mentors also mention that it’s self-fulfilling to share and impact others. This is what keeps us going and pushing to do more of these Barcamps every year.” – Gideon Nana Asmah, #bccapecoast lead. 

Mr John Andoh, a national service personnel at the University of Cape Coast was elated for the variety of mentors that were brought and in particular Mr. Prince Osei-Gyamfi, who walked him through the area project management and the need for it.

Elizabeth, a level 400 student at UCC was a first-time participant. She was full of smiles when she expressed how unique the event was, especially the mentoring session. Her take-home word was from a mentor named DC Kwame Kwakye, who said, “Fear kills many times before death itself”.

The day ended with expressions of gratitude to participants and mentors for making the 2024 edition of Barcamp Cape Coast a success, as well as the sharing of delicious meals all for free.


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