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Entrepreneurs from five (5) hubs pitch their ideas at the National Acceleration Day event.

Entrepreneurs from five (5) hubs pitch their ideas at the National Acceleration Day event.

GHANA STARTUP SUMMIT ’21 – National Acceleration Pitch Day

The Ghana Startup Summit ’21 had its National Acceleration Pitch Day on Friday first October 2021. The event which is organized by the Ghana Tech Lab and supported by the Ministry of Communications and digitalization, The World Bank, MasterCard foundation Young Africa Works witnessed innovative startups pitch their ideas and their current funding needs.

The event was launched with welcoming remarks from Doreen Aglago-Cofie the Ghana Tech aLab Acceleration Associate, who spoke about the strides the National Acceleration Program is making with ensuring the development of local Startups and called on major players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to continue supporting.

How many startup Pitched at the event?

Selected entrepreneurs from five (5) hubs across the country gathered at the Accra Digital Centre to pitch at the National Acceleration Day event. Hubs that were represented included Ghana Tech Lab, Dansyn ISO, Ho Node Hub, Kumasi Hive, HOPin Academy.  

The top 3 startups were awarded for their efforts. Soil Solutions from Ghana Tech Lab came first, followed

Abz Automations from Kumasi Hub which also became second and Jowato from HOPin Academy was third

The pitching commenced with the various Startups video presentations on their journey so far with the National Acceleration Program.

Soil Solution, a startup that provides affordable soil test kits integrated web applications for small-scale farmers was the first to pitch.

The developers of Kulgreen Suite, Team Kolordesk, pitched on the set of DIY website building.

From Bawku, we had a Level 400 foods and Beverages restaurant pitching their idea in the local and continental food services.

With a focus on bringing out Africanism in customers, Luxury craftHub, an entrepreneurial bead, and Ankara accessories business pitched their ideas to the judges as a startup.

ABz Automation is a startup that seeks to prevent wastage of water and energy resources by developing hardware and software solutions also pitched their ideas

An e-commerce startup that provides a convenient marketplace for small entrepreneurial businesses to trade with the globe easily whiles using biodegradable packages to mitigate carbon impact pollution and funds tree planting, Jowato, also pitched during the session.

By: Nafisatu Ahmed and Deborah Asare


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