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Ghana Startup Awards

Ghana Startup Awards

The Ghana Startup Awards is an annual award ceremony that celebrates ambitious and indigenous Ghanaian Start-up Businesses that are making an impact, contributing to economic growth, meeting social needs, and putting Ghana on the global economic map.
The Awards honours young, smart and daring entrepreneurs & startups, who, despite all the challenges they face, have taken the risk to pursue entrepreneurship as a full-time career and are building globally competitive businesses.

About the Ghana Startup Awards

As part of our contribution to enhancing the Startup Eco-System in Ghana and providing the support and public recognition needed for outstanding startups in Ghana to thrive, It is our pleasure to introduce to you Ghana Startup Awards; a flagship initiative of The Startup Network, a subsidiary of The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE).

GSA Eligibility Criteria

The Startup Business must be:

HeadquartersThe Startup Business has have its Headquarters in Ghana.

AgeThe Startup Business much have been in operation between 6 months and 6 years.

Type of BusinessThe Startup Business should be an Independent Business and not a franchise.

OwnershipThe Startup Business must be 50% or more Ghanaian owned, with the owner/s responsible for making the key management decisions.

RegistrationA Registered business (not an idea or plan) – Ownership being Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability (for-profit & not for-Profit) or Partnership

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Source: ghanastartupawards.com


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