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National Volunteer Day 2021

National Volunteer Day 2021

NVDay21National Volunteer Day (NVDay) is an initiative of the GhanaThink Foundation’s Ghana VolunteerProgram. It happens around September 21 – which is the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial holiday in Ghana.

NVDay encourages as many people in Ghana to volunteer in an activity to make Ghana better.

In 2021, due to the covid pandemic and the new normal, many people might not volunteer physically or might stay at home. We want to focus on celebrating people who volunteer in Ghana.

We are also encouraging volunteer activities that do not involve a lot of people gathering, especially blood donations. We are encouraging more people to raise funds to support the needy as per how the pandemic etc has affected people,

Our hashtag for this year is #NVDay21. More info can be found via the #NVDay hashtag.

Source: National Volunteer Day


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