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 Agrico Hub Signs Partnership with Baobab Entrepreneur.

 Agrico Hub Signs Partnership with Baobab Entrepreneur.

Agrico hub has today signed a partnership deal with one of the fastest-growing entrepreneur platforms called Baobab Entrepreneur to help achieve its aim of elevating digital technology through agriculture.

 Technology today has advanced to the highest peak in our daily lives as millions of entrepreneurs and job seekers rely on this platform for success. As the world and business move from a level to the next level so as Agrico hub through its new partner, Boabab Entrepreneurs wants to contribute to Innovation Business and Digital Technology solutions.

About Agrico Hub

Agrico Hub is a Business Innovation Hub that uses Innovative Business Development and Digital Technology solutions to support early-stage  entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses ( SGBs) in agribusiness, Trade & Commerce, and service. The organization is located at Techiman in the Bono East Region of Ghana.

Agrico Hub Trading Methodology & Service

For individuals to fit into the world of Agrico Hub, you must be trained by field experts using their needs assessment, design thinking approach, entrepreneurship, and digital skills training, incubation and mentorship, and local stakeholder’s partnership including local collaboration, inclusion, and partnership.

Agrico provide training and coaching to women and youth in early-stage startups whiles offering business development service to startups in trade & commerce and service as well as agribusiness.

The hub also creates Entrepreneurial and digital products to meet the standards of the various startups in our ecosystem.

 To sponsor or partner with Agrico Hub contact 0244016046 / info@agricohubgh.com for more details.

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