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Business Development Manager for DrugNet explained how to buy Drugs online


The Most Convenient Online Pharmacy.

The routine hustle and bustle of acquiring prescribed medication have finally been answered with a timely innovative technology-based intervention, DrugNet, an online pharmacy startup established to remedy this challenge.

Who is DrugNet?

DrugNet, an online pharmacy from Samospharma Limited, is a healthcare-based startup that leverages technology and e-commerce in assisting people to acquire for themselves all prescribed medications online and conveniently get their medication delivered to them nationwide.

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The convenience this healthcare tech startup offer

It is an innovative online pharmacy that gives clients the flexibility to schedule for all prescribed medications on a routine basis and also allows clients to talk to a licensed pharmacist via the App and even on live chat sessions. 

All prescriptions are uploaded onto the App in picture format from the clients’ smartphone gallery, a follow-up chat is established by a pharmacist concerning the clients’ medication or prescription.

The exciting aspect is that DrugNet Online Pharmacy has partnered with other pharmacies nationwide, thus, widening the clients’ scope of their search for medications with the highest rate for obtaining all their medications. Hence, making DrugNet your number one online pharmacy shop for availability, accessibility, and utmost convenience.

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