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The Honey Palace launched at Dome

The Honey Palace launched at Dome

The Honey Palace was on Saturday launched at Dome, a suburb of Accra, for the supply of premium quality honey to the Ghanaian market and beyond.

Owned by a young budding entrepreneur, The Honey Palace is stocked with natural honey sourced directly from bee hives harvested in a safe environment.

At the opening of the Honey Palace and launching of the product that comes in various sizes to meet the market demands, DelaZumanu, Chief Executive Officer of National Homeownership Fund, commended the Chief Executive Officer of The Honey Palace, Gideon AwelanaBuluse, for his initiative to create a job for himself and to serve as inspiration for the youth.

 Touching on Youth and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Zumanu said, “Unemployment is skyrocketing” and the “economy under pressure,” as a result, he challenged the youth to venture into entrepreneurship.                                                     

Mr Buluse, telling his story at the launch said while at the University of Ghana, he was inspired by his mother to take his destiny into his own hands by creating a job for himself, and he consequently developed a business plan for the new brand of honey which he started in 2018.

He explained that honey would continue to be healthy food, proven scientifically to be good for all people, especially children.

He said, “at The Honey Palace, we do not only pride ourselves in the quality of honey we supply to our customers, but we are also recognized to be the best in customer service where our staff is professionally trained to serve you with maximum respect, patience, and love”.

“We at The Honey Palace have succeeded in becoming a household name due to the trust and confidence we have built between ourselves and our customers by making sure our product is at all times, natural and direct from our bee hives to ensure your maximum satisfaction,” Mr. Buluse said.

“Here at the Honey Palace, quality is never compromised and here we pride ourselves in producing the best honey in the country and beyond,” the CEO added.

A retired Commissioner of Police, Charles Tokor, who chaired the function commended Mr Buluse for his creativity and urged the youth to emulate the shining example of Honey Palace by pursuing their vision and overcoming the obstacles to create jobs for themselves.

Chief Malti-NaaSiitaSofoHissan, the President of Africa Continental Free Trade Area Young Entrepreneurs Federation (YEF) urged the youth to use their skills and knowledge to venture into businesses, saying that opportunities abound in the federation for them to take advantage.

The Head of SME Banking, UMB Bank Ghana Plc, Ms. Charlotte LilyBaidoo, advised The Honey Palace to pursue sound financial and management practices in order to grow the business.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman


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