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Celebrating Baafour Otu-Boateng: A Catalyst for Africa’s Low-Carbon Growth

Celebrating Baafour Otu-Boateng: A Catalyst for Africa’s Low-Carbon Growth

Get ready to be part of an extraordinary event—the #SankalpWestAfricaAwards. As they gear up for the upcoming ceremony, they are delighted to introduce their grand juror, Baafour Otu-Boateng. Currently serving as the Investment Director at KawiSafi Ventures, Baafour plays a pivotal role in driving Africa’s low-carbon growth, leading a prominent climate fund. His extensive experience and expertise make him a key player in the continent’s sustainable development journey.

Leading Investments for a Sustainable Future:

Before joining KawiSafi Ventures, Baafour spearheaded investments at Investisseurs & Partenaires – I&P, a renowned organization that supports a diverse portfolio of African enterprises. With a focus on sectors such as renewable energy, technology, healthcare, agribusiness, and financial inclusion, Baafour actively contributes to driving sustainable economic growth on the continent. Through strategic investments, he supports innovative businesses that have the potential to create a positive impact.

A Journey of Expertise and Leadership:

Baafour’s journey in the world of finance and impact investing began as an analyst at UBS Investment Bank in New York. His passion for driving change and making a difference led him to become a TechnoServe Fellow in Ghana, where he worked on projects that aimed to improve the livelihoods of local communities. Today, Baafour’s expertise is highly sought after, and he serves on the boards of esteemed institutions. He holds positions as a Board Director and Lead Expert at the Impact Investing Institute, a Board Director at World Vision International, and a Board Chair at World Vision Ghana. Through these roles, Baafour continues to contribute to the development of impactful strategies and initiatives.

An Academic Journey of Excellence:

Baafour’s academic accomplishments further complement his expertise and leadership. As an Eisenhower Fellowships recipient, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. He holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, where he was a Chevening Scholar, and a BA from Williams College, where he was a Herbert H. Lehman scholar. Baafour’s academic foundation, coupled with his practical experience, equips him with a unique perspective on driving sustainable development and creating lasting change.

Join the Celebration of Change-Makers:

We invite you to join us next week in honoring change-makers like Baafour Otu-Boateng at the #SankalpWestAfricaAwards. These individuals are at the forefront of driving innovation, venture capital, and Africa’s sustainable development. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be inspired and celebrate their remarkable achievements. Register now to secure your spot at the event and be a part of this momentous occasion.

Baafour Otu-Boateng’s commitment to driving Africa’s low-carbon growth is truly commendable. As the Investment Director at KawiSafi Ventures and through his contributions to various boards, he plays a vital role in shaping the continent’s sustainable development landscape. With a remarkable academic background and a wealth of experience, Baafour is a catalyst for change, championing impactful investments and leading the way towards a more sustainable future. Let’s come together to honor Baafour and other exceptional change-makers at the #SankalpWestAfricaAwards, and be inspired to make a positive difference in our own spheres of influence.

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