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A look at Ghana’s Artwork/ Craftwork: Are we Cherishing or Looking down on them?

A look at Ghana’s Artwork/ Craftwork: Are we Cherishing or Looking down on them?

Thousands of Artisans with different talents can be found in Ghana without struggling. A child of 8years can be so creative with ( Milo can or Milk can) and the end result is so attractive to resist touching these artworks.

The question I pose to you is; do we cherish or help them?

As a proud Ghanaian, when it comes to art or craftwork in Ghana, it’s known for an arts, plastic arts especially pottery and wood carving, textiles especially for our rich colored Kente cloth of the Akan and Ewe, you will love to admire and buy from exhibition centers. Art and craftwork in Ghana can be mostly identified with all tribes and regions, the Ashanti’s are well noted for their expertise in a variety of specialized God-given craft gifts.

In the past few years, Ghana has produced many known artisans including;  Ibrahim Mahama, Paa Joe, Latifah Idriss, Bright Ackwerh, Serge Attukwei Clottey just to mention a few. The Ghana Education Service (GES) has recently included arts as part of its curriculum in the hope to encourage and improve children’s creativity. 

The question is; What is the stand of an Eight(8) year old boy with much-gifted artist who has no access to external help to display his talent to the world is not available?

Moreover, knowing that ” Public funding for artisans in Ghana today is practically non – existent”. This alone moves on to kill our children’s dreams. Have you ever thought of helping a child in the rural areas who use milk – can to make or create Armored Cars and Airplanes. We only see such gifts and walk past them and say” my friend move your toy car so I pass”. Appreciating his creative art is difficult to do. 

What and how are the government and the members of Parliament responsible to their people ( for that particular area?) Is he or she assisting to help such children? 

Or she sees them driving his big car and passes them?

Again, are we Cherishing what we have or looking down on them? Because White color jobs in our own perspective is better than Art, therefore many parents refuse to let their children be trained in such fields, all in the name of” I want my son or daughter to be a nurse or Doctor?

This is bad and parents need to stop Killing dreams by forcing their wards to different fields than to their own gifted fields. All this never and will never develop the country. Don’t forget, being trained in a major field you live in brings the best in you.

Are we Patronizing Our Own?

The initiative of we Ghanaians patronizing our own made-in Ghana clothing and artwork began when Hon. Alan Kyeremateng introduced, “Friday Wear”. Now thanks to him Friday Wear has been recognized by many groups, institutions, and organizations. As a Ghanaian, the beauty of art is beyond admiring an  Artefact but moves forward to understand and embrace your own heritage. Our wooden sculptures have made Ghana popular and attract visitors and foreigners likewise generating revenue for Ghana Tourism.

This revenue goes a long way to establishing the tourism institution well.

This can only be done if only this revenue will be used in a good way.

Buying foreign and living Ghana ( Art) only shuts the doors to your own brother, sister, and son’s progress to display their talent to the world. Be encouraged to wear and eat made in Ghana likewise promoting them. Never forget to promote you since your own will take you far!!

Is Artwork Expensive in Ghana?

Craftwork or artwork is not expensive in Ghana. Much wooden artworks in OSU( Greater Accra) and its surroundings cost less than you could imagine. These made in Ghana work offer the difference between the Opportunity to meet existing historical artworks of your own culture and again educate you on your tribe origin since most of the artworks in Ghana are traditionally associated.

Esther Danso

Baobab Entreprenuer

Esther is an explorer, content writer, content marketer, operational manager, event organizer, and media correspondent. Many know her as adoptive, creative and adventurous as well as her writing which inspire and update people of the world daily activities. At age 21, Esther has established herself as a content writer and an influencer to the world. She is currently studying Bachelor in Communication Studies, Journalism option at Ghana Institute of Journalism. Esther love to Write stories and business contents, read comic books, watch adventure, world wild geography documentary and fantasy movies as her hobbies.


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