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We should be getting the next Mark Zuckerberg in Ghana in the next five years”- Hon. Pius Enam Hazidze


The CEO of the National Youth Authority Ghana (NYA), Hon Pius Enam Hazidze at the just ended 2021 Young Entrepreneur summit which was organized by Ghana Startup Network made future predictions of Ghana getting the next Mark Zuckerberg in five(5) years to come. His prediction was made known to the public during an interview with Baobab Entrepreneur at the awards and summit. 

 During the interview he said in the next three years to come, three(3) billion has been invested in a certain number of Ghanaian youth to boost their business. In addition, he is certainly sure that this investment will pay off in the next five years and the results of these investments will bring personalities like Mark Zuckerberg and Dangote to Ghana.

According to Hon Pius,  the National Youth Authority Ghana is putting strategies in place to ensure the economic development of the youth. He further explained that these strategies will create jobs for the youths, youth making profits from the business.

” This strategy will help youth to create jobs for themselves and impact the economy” – Hon Pius reinstated.

The National Youth Authority Ghana is currently aiming to leverage on AfCFTA area agreement to organize educational programs, organize sensitization and education around AfCFTA. This leverage is set to help each manufacturer not only service 30.8 million Ghanaian population but to service 1.2 billion African population and also tap in 3.4 trillion dollar cumulative GDP that AfCFTA guarantees National Youth Authority Ghana.

Esther Danso

Baobab Entrepreneur

Esther is an explorer, content writer, content marketer, operational manager, event organizer, and media correspondent. Many know her as adaptive, creative, and adventurous as well as her writing which inspires and updates people of the world’s daily activities. Her visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to work for T.V Africa, Baobab Entrepreneur, National Times Newspaper, Samchat T.V and Efo Koku Mawuto Communication Consulting ( E.KMCC).


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