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What Career Path Could You Choose to Become an Entrepreneur?

What Career Path Could You Choose to Become an Entrepreneur?

After SHS students have been confronted with this challenging question “what career path should I choose? A confusing selection of choices present themselves​—Medicine, Business, Art, Education, Computer Science, Engineering, Accounting, Law, the Trades and the list goes on…

Mostly, The bitter truth is, in Ghana here, University graduates have so flooded the job market that it is hard to obtain even commonplace jobs without additional training. Today, many university graduates who enter the job market take a job not usually requiring a degree just because man must survive. So as a result, many of us would verify and testify that we entered the field of our current profession not because we love it but just to view it as a stepping stone. How can we enjoy what we do?

1. Education Mindset Must Change

Around the world, a growing community of teachers and students are fundamentally rethinking the purpose of Education. They are discovering that there is real value, in being of value to themselves (students), to others, to nature, and to the future. We must also change our mindset about Education in Ghana.

How do we prepare people in school for jobs that have not been created? Does a University degree guarantee success in the job market? If No, how do we empower people with the skills to work together in a global society?

We all have a unique set of gifts and talents, but the bigger problem is how to help students and others discover those abilities and share them in a deeply meaningful way. The benefit of an Education mindset must be a way to empower students to think and rethink how they can discover their unique gifts, talents, and strengths to face today’s global challenges and do what they can enjoy.

Howevery, It’s based on the belief that with an effort from Parents, Teachers, Educational experts, and intervention of the Government, students can use what they have learned to make a meaningful difference in their life and other people’s lives as well.

Finding Passion

During school time, “What the heart wants” is not something I heard often during my school years. I was used to doing what I had to and not what I wanted to. But, I could have shone where I was naturally better, but instead, I struggled someplace elsewhere I wasn’t meant to be.

I also can’t forget the first day, when you enter school nearly crying and a Teacher walks you inside while your parents wait by the door. Little Michael had a lot of memories and a lot of dreams in his head when he started school. Most children wanted to be Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Presidents… but I dreamed of becoming a Professional Footballer.

Math courses were always difficult for me. Luckily, Literature classes were always my strength and writing was my hobby for a large part of my school years.

My dreams started changing

Years passed and little by little I faced new situations and experiences. My dreams started changing as I moved through my academic career and discovered new things. I learned from my classmates, my friends, my Teachers and others. I matured and what once had been a dream of being a Footballer became a dream of being an agent of change for society. All of this helped me to be a better person and think about society as something that could be improved thanks to small actions.

Today, however, I am much happier to be a “content writer” in the Education Sector and I decided to start a French Home Tutoring Business to impact French knowledge into young ones. It’s such a great feeling to see them grabbing the French language! with my aspiration to become a French Lecturer and Educationist.

What we dream and what we want can become reality if we approach what we do with perseverance, care, and love.

So, what career path do you want to choose to become an entrepreneur?

Michael Djan

Baobab Entrepreneu

Digital Marketing Blogger/Content Writer @ frencheducationgh.com


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