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Here Are Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t “Give Up” in Life

Here Are Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t “Give Up” in Life

In your mind, the phrases “give” and “up” should never be used simultaneously. The word NO, on the other hand, should not even be in your dictionary. Without getting into the specifics, simply being a member of the human race places you in an elite category. You are one of the most resilient and powerful creatures ever to walk the face of the planet.

Here are reasons why you should never give up in life:

1. You Have Faith in Your Dreams

Would you abandon your family, your partner, or your kids? Why would you give up on yourself if that’s the case? You are worth more than that, and your dreams are worth more than that. Don’t short yourself or allow others to pull you down. You can achieve your dreams and goals if you can dream them, and they are WORTH pursuing. There have been millions of dreamers before you, and the world would not have been the same if they had given up.

2. You Already Have All You Require

You already have everything you need to achieve your goal. You and the person you look up to or who serves as a role model in your life are genetically 99.99 percent identical! This may come as a shock to you, yet successful people aren’t all that different from you, just that they took risks and displayed qualities such as Resilience, Persistence, and Consistency followed by their passion. So stop looking down on yourself!

3. If Life Goes On Then Everything Is Possible

In this existence, there is only one certainty for humans, and impossible to escape it: death. You have no reason to say you can’t as long as you’re living. You can do anything if you set your mind to it — everything is possible. It’s death that ends everything. So, if life goes on, then you can still do something by yourself by focusing on your Abilities, Skills, Strength, and Passion.

Every second you waste hesitating, overthinking, procrastinating or being paralyzed by anxiety brings you only closer to the final point in life: death.

4. It’s Wonderful to Be Successful

There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you faced a challenge and overcome it with courage and desire to become successful.

When you’re feeling down and want to give up, envision and visualize the delicious taste of success. Everyone’s definition of success is different; it could be crossing the finish line, getting your research published, or doing something that brings you happiness. The point is that success is very satisfying, and everyone’s desire to achieve it.

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